Friday, March 24, 2017

The end of the season is here with many of our club members soon heading to their summer homes.  Seems like so many just got here, guess time does fly.   In one last business item for the season a committee has been appointed to analyze options for additional pickleball courts.  For a few years there have been alternatives bantered about, discussed and rediscussed, but no factual information for the several alternatives gathered in one place.  It is difficult to know what to do if we don’t know the facts, including costs, for all.
Robert Graham has agreed to chair the committee with Glen Berger and Duncan Ross completing the team.  These men have done an amazing amount of work already and their working together to prepare the document just made sense.  They have measured, prepared drawings, talked to the golf course owners, interacted with the city planning office, etc…..  and possess much of the information we need to make an informed decision. And they most certainly have the skills and knowledge necessary to give us solid information.
Let’s be clear – this does NOT mean we will be moving forward on court expansion without input from the club, the HOA, or any other affected party.  There are a lot of people affected by any decision we make and we must proceed armed with the best data available.  This document will be available to all and serve as the base for an informed decision.
I am very excited that we are moving forward with an issue very important to all of you. And regardless of what is decided we will have based that decision on complete, documented facts. 
Thanks to all, travel safe, and have a great summer!  See ya in the fall.

Katie Halverson, President